Gives me an immense pleasure to write a message for the launch of a website for Kolhapur Surgical Society, as President of Kolhapur Surgical Society. 

Kolhapur Surgical Society is now a City Chapter of ASI, extremely vibrant in terms of its activities, has nearly 150 life Members, Surgical Postgraduate Students as Members and wings spread across this part of Maharashtra.

The academic activities range from regular Dinner CMEs almost a dozen a year, Morning Journal Reading meetings another dozen a year.

In addition, we have Oration Awards, known like Dr. K. P. Prabhu Oration, Dr. P. B. Bhadre Oration, which are a decade old, we have installed another Oration Award making it 3 for the year. The new award has been installed as an Honor to the senior surgeon of highest repute and a pillar of success and present day glory of KSS, Dr. Prakash S. Shahapurkar, the inaugural edition of this award is round the corner in couple of months. This in addition to installing a fellowship by the name, Dr Prakash S. Shahapurkar Travelling Fellowship, on the state level, for young surgeons. 

KSS also involves itself in many diagnostic camps, public forums and counselling of groups in society regarding routine hygiene and basic healthcare.

We want to expand our portfolio in social activity to cover the orphans and old age homes.

We have three MASICONS to our credit, the last one being a blockbuster in year 2016, led by a superefficient organising team led by Dr. Pratap Varute and Dr. Sunil Nadkarni.

We have lot of regional conferences to our credit, as well as live workshops in open, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries with thunderous success.

This is just an outlook of anatomy of Kolhapur Surgical Society, our members have unique pattern of friendship cultivated over the years, and is strong by any standards.

I encourage new membership, so that everyone gets a platform for his carrier as surgeon.

This website will be a look through into our Surgical Society, I’m sure with time it would be a major platform for learning in Surgery.

I extend my sincere and best wishes for newest venture of Kolhapur Surgical Society.



Kolhapur Surgical Society,

City Chapter of ASI